Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Upstate Productions of Pride and Prejudice

Lest you should think that all the Austen-related action has been happening in New York City this month, separate productions of Pride and Prejudice have been mounted in Ogdensburg and Albany as well.  Alas, the Ogdensburg production is playing for one night only as your RC writes this, and she is contrite at having learned of it and put up this post so late.  Nevertheless:

For an account of the L.A. Theatre Works production of P&P that took place in Ogdensburg on Tuesday, October 16, go here.

And for information about the Capital Repertory Theatre production of Pride@Prejudice--which, happily, is playing in Albany through October 28, and which certainly sounds like an entertaining and "Twittery" version of the classic--go here.

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