Monday, September 12, 2011

"Dressing the Miss Bennets" in NYC

We announce with pardonable pride that Co-Coordinator Lisa Brown's "Dressing the Miss Bennets" presentation to JASNA New York Metro on Saturday, September 10, was judged a great success by all. One attendee described it as "one of the most memorable events ever" for that region, in fact. JASNA-NYM Co-Coordinator Meg Levin has kindly provided us with a photo of the grand finale, showing Lisa (at far left) and all her models. A caption with all the models' names (plus identification of the ones who are such gifted needlewomen that they made their own gowns!) will be provided shortly. Clicking on the photo will provide a closeup, as usual.

Update: Here are the models, starting from the left after Lisa: Lynn Marie Macy, Mary Jenkins, Marilynn Doore, Kimberly Costa (wearing a gown she made herself), Karen Crane, Jean Hellering, Selena Hughes, Elizabeth Freedman, Linda Pedro, and Leia Lima (also wearing a self-made gown).

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  1. Here are some video interviews conducted before the fashion show.