Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photos from the Regency Fashion Show

Your Regional Coordinator writes:

The Regency fashion show held on March 24 at the Colgate Bookstore was a great success, and JASNA Syracuse heartily thanks the Bookstore and the JABC-CNY for their co-sponsorship and generous assistance! Herewith, some photos from the show. While I greeted the large and enthusiastic audience...
...our dauntless Co-Coordinator and fashion expert, Lisa Brown, contemplated the task of assigning outfits to all of the models (and, in some cases, more than one outfit per model) in very limited time!
Although there were a few tense moments backstage...
...the models and their "ladies' maids" soon began to relax and enjoy themselves.
In the next several photos: (1) Mother-and-daughter models--Denise and her daughter Angel. (2) Shelley and Shannon (?). (3) To spare the ladies' blushes, Lisa discussed Regency unmentionables with the aid of a mannequin. (4) Several garments among Sandra Stevens' beautifully detailed doll clothes perfectly mirrored the mannequin's attire. (5) Some elegant headgear...and (6) Nadia's elegantly dressed hair.

Nor were the gentlemen neglected! Jason cheerfully modeled civilian attire...
...while Duane demonstrated the eternal attraction of an officer's red coat to his wife, Sami.
Lisa and all her models accepted a well-deserved round of applause at the end of the show.
And Sandra's daughter Mimi models more of Sandra's work--this exquisitely detailed full-size ensemble. In the final photo, JABC-CNY moderator and JASNA member Heather Elia joins Mimi.

In conclusion, we won't rest on our laurels: See the "Events" column at right for a full listing of Upstate JASNA and JABC-CNY events through mid-May. Plans are also under discussion for the end-of-season "Box Hill" event, to take place about Midsummer (June 24 or thereabouts).

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