Saturday, April 28, 2012

JASNA Syracuse Meeting in Binghamton, Saturday, May 12

JASNA Syracuse will hold its May Day meeting on Saturday, May 12, at RiverRead Books, 5 Court St., Binghamton, at 2 pm.  Our topic, as suggested by an attendee at the November meeting there, will be "Jane Austen's Villains."  Certainly JA created a memorable and varied gallery of "bad guys"--and certainly some of these "guys" were "gals," so we don't have to restrict the discussion to male characters by any means.  Who's your favorite villain (or villains--no need to pick just one, either) in the Austen canon?  Bring your choice(s) and some quotes to share!

Also, we've finally settled on Saturday, June 9, as the date for the joint JASNA Syracuse/Jane Austen Book Club-CNY "Box Hill" event.  (This is a bit earlier in June than the traditional Midsummer Day date of June 24, but it's the only date that suited all of the planners!)  Details about the event itself, and its location and time, will be announced ASAP.  In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at RiverRead on May 12.

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