Sunday, January 22, 2012

Upstate News in Brief

First--although mention of personal health is considered ill-bred in some quarters--Regional Coordinator A. Marie Sprayberry will be taking a few weeks off to recover from partial knee replacement. However, she and Co-RC Lisa Brown have endeavoured to put the "Events" listings at right for February and March in such a state as to prevent her being missed. Note particularly the upcoming Lady Day meeting (a joint meeting of JASNA Syracuse and the JABC-CNY at the Colgate Bookstore, although there is already considerable overlap between the two groups) on March 24 at 2:00 p.m., where the topic will be Regency fashions! More details about this meeting will follow in a future post.

Second, loud huzzahs for Miss Brown, who has just been appointed to the Co-RC position for JASNA Rochester as well as JASNA Syracuse! Although Miss Brown's employer transferred her to its Rochester office last year, she maintains a Syracuse mailing address, many relatives and friends in the Syracuse area, and a keen interest in the Syracuse Region, so she will continue to hold this post for both regions for at least the near future. Close cooperation already exists between the two Upstate Regions, and we trust that this new development will make it even closer.

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