Monday, July 4, 2011

Now's a Great Time to Join JASNA!

Just a reminder that now is a great time to join (or rejoin) the Jane Austen Society of North America at the national level. The JASNA membership year officially runs from September 1 to August 31--but if you join between July 1 and August 31, you'll receive an extra issue of JASNA News (the Society's thrice-annual newsletter) and otherwise be enrolled for the coming full membership year. To join, you can go to the JASNA national website and click on the "Membership" link on the home page. Remember that joining JASNA at the national level automatically makes you a member of the JASNA Syracuse Region--this is our one and only regional membership requirement at present.

Our next JASNA Syracuse Region meeting will be at the Liverpool Public Library on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011, at 2 pm. In keeping with our custom of holding meetings on the Regency "quarter days" and "cross-quarter days," this will be our Michaelmas meeting. Details about this meeting, and times/dates of other Syracuse Region 2011-12 meetings, will be given in a future post. Don't forget to check the "Events" column for news of JASNA Rochester meetings and other Austen-related activities in Central NY, too.

(Special note: Details about the Jane Austen Singing School for Young Ladies summer concert we mentioned to some of you at the June 25 "Box Hill" event are still being worked out. At the moment, it looks as if the concert will be on Sunday, August 7. Stay tuned!)

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